• DailyColors and Immune Function

    Over time your immune system becomes less effective and protective – and age-related illnesses surface. See how PhytoColors™ are central to helping build up a stronger immune function. 

  • How Can A Single, Small Capsule Make Such A Big Difference?

    The phyto-nutrients that create the colors in the plants we eat averagely constitute only 1 part in 1,000 by weight of fruits, vegetables or herbs – and many are concentrated in their outer layers and skins. 
  • Why is DailyColors™ based on 4 color groups?

    Because the 4 main colour groups in fruits and vegetables have different health benefits. By combining extracts from all four you get the most impact on healthy ageing.

  • DailyColors™ and Stress

    We are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and stress as a society. But can increasing PhytoColors™ really have an impact on our state of mind? The latest research is…

  • DailyColors™ and Inflammation

    Inflammation is acknowledged to be a key driver of not just later life illness, but aging itself. See why DailyColors™ has been listed as a ‘potent inti-inflammatory’ in independent clinical tests.

  • DailyColors™ and Your Skin

    The condition of your skin, hair and nails are outward signs of inner health. So, although DailyColors™ is mostly about long-term health, see how why this unique supplement can even improve appearance.

  • DailyColors™ and Energy Levels

    As we age, accumulative damage to mitochondria makes them less efficient at turning food into energy – up to 50% less efficient! See how the PhytoColors™ in DailyColors™ impact cellular energy.

  • DailyColors™ and Cognitive Health

    There is no healthy aging without a healthy brain – so see how the PhytoColors™ in DailyColors™ supports mental clarity and memory.