Why you need more than just vitamins & minerals

Scientists often use the phrasenecessary but not sufficient. Vitamins and minerals are certainly necessary – they power hundreds of life sustaining processes. So, taking a vitamin pill to prevent deficiency can be a good idea. But it is insufficient.

A simple vitamin and mineral supplement lacks the phyto-nutrients -(also called phyto-chemicals) -that are every bit as important to health. 

“Epidemiological evidence points strongly to beneficial effects of phytochemical-rich foods on the prevention of essentially all chronic diseases.”

Phytochemicals: Do they belong on our plate for sustaining health span?
Jed W. Fahey, Thomas W. Kensler; Food Frontiers May 2021

Therefore DailyColors™ is something new. 

It boosts your intake of color phyto-nutrients – so when you take DailyColors™ you are getting more of the essence of what makes fruits and vegetables so healthy. 

And which we now know help inhibit multiple pathways that otherwise lead to aging.

Of course, DailyColors TM does not replace the need for a healthy diet – any more than a vitamin and mineral pill does. 

Because a healthy diet also supplies macro-nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, essentially fatty acids and fibre.

But DailyColors TM  does fill in a gap - you can think of it as a key piece in a healthy lifestyle jigsaw.

DailyColors contains over 150 different color phyto-nutrients, extracted from 16 different fruits, vegetables and herbs.

A range that would be hard to achieve from most people’s every-day diet.

The breakthrough science of DailyColor™ is made possible by giants in the fields of longevity and nutrition.

The most current knowledge shows enormous power in the Mediterranean Diet. And studies of the earth's longest-lived people, the residents of "Blue Zones" have helped us understand the effects of negative enzymes on aging.

Now DailyColors™ makes a new contribution. 

These are over 150 nutrients that we've isolated and concentrated and then formulated into a synergistic blend that works as a whole to deliver new health benefits.

That's the promise of DailyColors™.

Why you need more than just vitamins & minerals

Very many of us take a vitamin and mineral supplement as good ‘health insurance’. Yet can’t help feeling uneasy when so many health professionals dismiss them ‘of limited value’.

So if you combine a vitamin supplement with DailyColors, are you then getting everything you need? Can you fall back on a diet of ready meals and still stay healthy?

Of course not. Because a vitamin and mineral supplement and DailyColors both provide micro-nutrients. Fruits and vegetables contain macro-nutrients – like protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre – as well as other compounds some of which we haven’t even identified yet!


Combine Daily Colors With A Sensible Diet

But when you combine Daily Colors with the ‘best of the best’ food plan – (you can get it free from the Resource centre on this site) – you are taking into your body an extraordinary level of disease fighting molecules. Molecules that support ongoing cellular repair.

A November 2020 article in the British Medical Journal – significantly titled “Nutrition is the key to global pandemic resilience” – made an important point:

“A decline in immune function is usually inevitable with age. However, this decline may be slowed through optimal nutrition.” The article continued; “.. a nutrient rich diet is not always enough to meet the needs for micronutrients” observing that “there is no such thing as an average person”.


This is exactly why we developed DailyColors. DailyColors is a supplement for people who already eat a sensible diet, but who recognize it may still not be enough for peak health, especially as they get older.

A Harvest of the Latest Science.

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