What Do You First See In This Picture?COLOURS!

You instinctively know that these are healthy foods – because your brain is registering what your body knows and health researchers confirm.

The colours – the pigments – in fruits and veggies contain some of the most powerful, health protective micro-nutrients.

Micro-nutrients that help protect your eyes, your brain, your DNA. Nutrients that support your immune system – even nutrients that turn on genes that protect your cells from damage.

Eating A Rainbow

It’s because the compounds in plant pigments are such powerful nutrients, that we are advised to ‘eat a rainbow’. The highest concentration of these colour micro-nutrients is in the outer layers and skin of plants. They are every bit as important to your health and longevity as the vitamins and minerals we also get from fruits and vegetables and other foods.

It was a major scientific achievement when researchers, decades ago, were able to identify the 23 essential vitamins and minerals and create a one-a-day pill that included them.

In a similar way the scientists behind DailyColors have now identified 16 highly active micro-nutrients from plant pigments and combined them into a unique supplement.

Introducing DailyColors

The Breakthrough Science Behind DailyColors

Many of the most protective plant nutrients are concentrated in the their skin – (the very part most processed foods throw away).
That’s because plants develop these nutrient compounds, not for our benefit, but to protect themselves from excess solar radiation, from insects, from temperature stress and from bacteria. When we consume these compounds, we ‘inherit’ these protective benefits.

Micro-Nutrients With A BIG Effect

Because the highest concentrations of pigment colours are in the thin layer of plants’ skin, only a small amount of highly concentrated phyto-nutrient molecules are needed to create substantial health benefits. That’s why they are called ‘micro-nutrients’.

Research Powered By Artificial Intelligence.

The word breakthrough is normally very overused. But DailyColors really is based on breakthrough research. Using the massive computing power of Artificial Intelligence scientists have been able to search the world’s clinical research data bases to identify – not just the individual molecules in fruits and vegetables that provide health protection – but the combinations of those molecules that create an even higher level of protection.

Hyper Foods

The U.K. Sunday Times on 13th December 2020 revealed that normally conservative scientists at Imperial College London, who have been researching anti-cancer food molecules, call them “hyperfoods” – with “overwhelming evidence of their health benefits”.

Hyper Nutrients

Here’s what you get in the Dailycolors capsule –‘hyper-molecules’ from 16 vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs that are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. (Which is itself confirmed in hundreds of clinical trials to boost immune function, reduce heart disease and even help slow the ageing process).
Who, hand on heart, could say their diet includes all these foods on a regular basis, let alone every day?

Vitamins - Necessary But Not Sufficient

Very many of us take a vitamin and mineral supplement as good ‘health insurance’. Yet can’t help feeling uneasy when so many health professionals dismiss them ‘of limited value’.
Scientists often use the phrase “necessary but not sufficient”. Vitamins and minerals are certainly necessary – they power hundreds of life sustaining processes. So taking a vitamin pill to prevent deficiency is not wrong. But it is insufficient.

A vitamin and mineral supplement lacks the phyto-nutrients that we now know are every bit as critical to health.
So if you combine a vitamin supplement with DailyColors, are you then getting everything you need? Can you fall back on a diet of ready meals and still stay healthy?
Of course not. Because a vitamin and mineral supplement and DailyColors both provide micro-nutrients. Fruits and vegetables contain macro-nutrients – like protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre – as well as other compounds some of which we haven’t even identified yet!

Combine DailyColors With A Sensible Diet

But when you combine Daily Colours with the ‘best of the best’ food plan – (you can get it free from the Resource centre on this site) – you are taking into your body an extraordinary level of disease fighting molecules. Molecules that support ongoing cellular repair.
A November 2020 article in the British Medical Journal – significantly titled “Nutrition is the key to global pandemic resilience” – made an important point:
“A decline in immune function is usually inevitable with age. However, this decline may be slowed through optimal nutrition.” The article continued; “.. a nutrient rich diet is not always enough to meet the needs for micronutrients” observing that “there is no such thing as an average person”.

This is exactly why we developed DailyColors. DailyColors is a supplement for people who already eat a sensible diet, but who recognise it may still not be enough for peak health, especially as they get older.

DailyColors And Improved Microbiome Health

The microbiome – the multi-trillion collection of microbes situated mainly in your intestines – is now one of the hottest subjects in health research.

Rightly so when so much of the immune system is controlled by the gut – and when we now know that mood is directly influenced by intestinal health, because there is a direct connection between the gut and the brain.

Recent research confirms that colour micro-nutrients encourage the growth of ‘good’ bacteria. In turn this helps crowd out and overcome harmful bacteria which in turn can not only support a stronger immune system but helps address gut inflammatory issues.

The Science Made Simple

You can get a summary of the clinical research underpinning DailyColors from The science behind Daily Colors
It includes data to share with your health professional. She or he will find clear evidence that the combination of natural nutrients in DailyColors boosts the activity of key enzymes linked to improved immunity and longevity. And exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on cells. It’s a unique combination.

Who Should Take DailyColors?

Since DailyColors is all natural it is a supplement that can be taken by adolescents (who are notoriously difficult to engage in a healthy diet!).

It may just be the ideal supplement for the stressed 30’s and 40’s, who can expect to see improved resistance and glossier hair and healthier skin as an outward sign of better inner health.

And it is certainly a breakthrough for older people who need more high-quality nutrients to combat the ageing process.