The Scientific Frontier of Longevity.

DailyColors™ is the first ever supplement formulated
to deactivate aging enzymes that lead to negative outcomes.
It does this through a unique, patented, combination of over 150 phyto (plant) nutrients which have been extracted from the pigments of 16 key fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices found in the Mediterranean Diet.

Science based on nature.

Why People Live Longer On The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has long been linked to healthy aging and exceptional longevity. But how?

We know the wide range and high levels of Phytonutrients in the diet are key.

DailyColors™ uniquely blends PhytoColors™ from a total of 16 green, red, blue and orange fruits, vegetables and herbs from this diet.

Each color group has its own vital health benefits - on immunity, energy, brain-health and even skin tone.

But it is the combination – the synergy between them – that is the secret of DailyColors ability to slow so many processes that underlie ageing.

How DailyColors™ Fights the Effects of Aging.

Although DailyColors inhibits multiple processes involved in aging, one is very much in the news.

As we get older, mitochondria, the tiny ‘energy factories’ in every cell, become less efficient at turning food into energy and they lose function.

In parallel an enzyme called CD38 begins to suppress the production of NAD+ - a vital energy molecule. So you become tired more often and aging accelerates.

But the unique combination of PhytoColors™ in DailyColors™ helps block the ‘aging enzyme’ called CD38 – to rejuvenate mitochondria, help restore levels of NAD+ and therefore slow aging.

Co-Founder & CEO Hartley Pond on the Importance of DailyColors™

Learn more about the breakthrough science led by Hartley Pond and Carl Randall, two visionaries in the field of nutrition and the co-founders of DailyColors™.

The Mediterranean Diet Has More to Teach Us.

Inside the PhytoColors™ in the Mediterranean are nutrients that fight the enzymes of aging.

A New Source of Health. A New Kind of Supplement.

With DailyColors™ it's time to think beyond old ideas of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Synergy of Colors™

DailyColors™ discovered that the right blend of PhytoColors™ works synergistically for better results than working alone.

A Harvest of the Latest Science.

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