How Can A Single Capsule Make Such A Big Difference?

The phyto-nutrients that create the colours in the plants we eat averagely constitute only 1 part in 1,000 by weight of fruits, vegetables or herbs – and many are concentrated in their outer layers and skins. 

We are used to the fact that we can obtain 100% of our vitamin RDAs in a single vitamin and mineral pill. 

In a similar way DailyColors has been able to extract and concentrate over 150 separate phyto-nutrients into a comparable sized capsule. 

With a big health effect – as you can see from the Science of Colors.

But why is the DailyColors capsule brown?

DailyColours combines extracts from 16 key plants found in the Mediterranean Diet – 4 each from Red, Blue, Green and Yellow/Orange fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

When you combine red, blue, green and orange the result is a natural brown.