How Can DailyColors™ Affect Immune Function?

Over time your immune system becomes less effective and protective – and age-related illnesses surface. See how phyto-nutrients are central to helping build up a stronger immune function.

As we age our immune function normally becomes weaker - manifesting as a decreased ability to fight viral and bacterial infection, diminished response to vaccination, slower recovery times, and increased incidence of cancer1

Researchers call it immune-senescence2 and a key driver is the decline in the numbers and quality of T cell and B cells. Absorption of nutrients by the intestines that support immunity also declines.

But it is a two-way street - the normal decline in immune function also triggers processes that accelerate aging. 

So can we fight this decline and support or even boost the immune system? 

We can - in four ways – and one is a dramatic new discovery. 

First an increase in fruits, vegetables and herbs helps reduce inflammation – which otherwise damages immune cells. 

Second, these plant foods contain many of the micro-nutrients that the immune system needs to stay strong – notably vitamins A, C, E, D, zinc, iron, copper and selenium. 

Thirdly fruits, vegetables and herbs contain compounds called phyto-nutrients. A recent paper in the Journal of Complementary and Integrated Medicine confirms that “phytonutrients play a positive role by maintaining and modulating immune function”.

The new discovery is that certain phyto-nutrients support immunity by reducing the activity of enzymes – which otherwise reduce the effectiveness of the immune system and  accelerate ageing. Notable amongst these ‘aging enzymes’ is one called CD39. 

In laboratory tests, the phyto-colors in Dailycolors reduced the effect of this enzyme by over 95%!

Fourthly, phyto-nutrients support stronger immunity via the gut. The gut is a major site of immune activity, and this is strongly influenced by diet. A plant-rich diet with plenty of colourful fruits, vegetables and legumes, and phyto-colors, supports the growth and maintenance of beneficial microbes.

So phyto-nutrients are central to supporting and improving your immune system as you get older. But don’t forget that regular exercise, reducing over-weight, at least 7 hours sleep and reducing stress are also important to support your immune system.


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