What’s So Good About the Mediterranean Diet?


No diet in the world is more exhaustively studied than the Mediterranean Diet.

But why does it create so many centenarians and ‘healthy agers’ – people with resilient immune systems who enjoy long lives without serious illness.

People who stay fit, active and whose looks belie their chronological years.

We already knew that many of the health benefits flowed from the large range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in the diet. A range considerably broader than most American diets

But what was in these fruits, vegetables and spices that counteracted the ageing process and how?

Existing research had already identified a group of micro-nutrients called phyto-nutrients – phyto meaning plant.

We also knew that many of the most powerful phyto-nutrients were concentrated in their skin – often the part that processed food throw away. 

But we had also discovered something new to aging research – there are a group of enzymes that are at the heart of the ageing process

The Breakthrough

Now we combined these findings. We used a scientific technique called mass spectrometry to identify which combination of
PhytoColors™ inhibited or helped block these ‘aging enzymes’.

That research, and subsequent clinical studies, identified a combination of phyto-nutrients from extracts of 16 plants characteristic of the Mediterranean diet - that most powerfully inhibits these enzymes.

In total DailyColors contains over 150 highly bio-active compounds, isolated from the red, blue, green and orange colors in these plants.

The result is a new kind of supplement. A supplement that has helped unlock the secret of the Mediterranean Diet’s power to fight premature aging.

Taking Daily Colors will help you towards the range and quantity of phyto-nutrients that make the Mediterranean diet so healthy.