Who Are The People And Scientists Behind DailyColors?

Hartley Pond: Co-Founder and CEO

Hartley led a group of food and bio-scientists at VD Futureceuticals in the development of what have become known as ‘nutraceuticals’.  These are nutritional compounds that, although derived from purely natural fruits, vegetables and herbs, can have a health effect comparable to pharmaceuticals.

With over 20 years background in researching phytonutrients and measuring their effect on health, he has partnered with Carl Randall to launch DailyColors. The research they commissioned now shows that the plant pigments are among the most powerful phyto-nutrients in nature. 

Carl Randall: Co-Founder and CEO

Carl has extensive senior executive experience in the food industry – having been Executive Vice President and a Member of the Office of the President of a NYSE $1.5 billion food focused company.

However, he recognized that despite years of public health advice, the level of phytonutrients in the average diet is well below the level needed for optimum health and longevity. He sees DailyColors as a way to redress that problem.

Colin Rose: Development partner

Colin is a Senior Associate of the UK Royal Society of Medicine, with over 30 years’ experience in researching health supplements. His book Delay Ageing: Healthy to 100 examined the latest scientific research on the causes of aging and how they can be counteracted. His new book Color Me Younger describes the development of DailyColors and the extensive evidence behind it.

Martin Fessenmaier Ph.D.

Martin is a specialist in enzyme research – focussing on enzymatic pathways and in particular NAD+. He is a legal expert on cell and molecular biology - and on pathway dysfunction and inhibition in cancer. His background is in pharmaceutical chemistry and nutraceuticals.

Kim Krumhar, Ph.D.

Kim expertise is in the development of innovative new nutritional products. His background includes nutrition research at one of the world’s top 3 food companies and V.P. Product Innovation at a leading U.S. specialist nutrition company.

Tim Morck, Ph D

Former VP Scientific Affairs at Nestle, Tim has over 40 years of experience in foods, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition and especially phyto-nutrient science. 

Susan Trimbo, Ph.D

Former Chief Science Officer at GNC, America’s leading nutritional retailer, Susan focus is on scientific and regulatory advisory services for the nutrition industry.

Rick Weiss, MS

Rick is developing state of the art personalised nutrition software that enable individuals to improve their health through dietary adjustments and the use of technology.