Nutrients That Improve Health Span

The Mediterranean Diet is scientifically acknowledged as the leading way of eating for health, healthy aging and longevity. Largely because of its specific range of daily fruits and vegetables.

But these fruits and vegetables contain far more than vitamins and minerals. They also contain phyto-nutrients – ‘phyto’ just means plant. Very many of these are in the plant’s colors.

Based On Longevity Research

DailyColors gives you what is missing from a simple vitamin pill.

A DailyColors capsule contains over 150 phyto-nutrients extracted from the pigments of 16 key fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices found in the Mediterranean Diet.

So when you supplement with DailyColors you get a LOT more of the phyto-nutrients which make the Mediterranean Diet so healthy.

In fact, DailyColors is so unique and effective that it has received multiple patents.

How DailyColors Fights the Effects of Aging

The DailyColors uniquely blends PhytoColors from a total of 16 green, red, blue and orange fruits, vegetables and herbs from the Mediterranean diet.

Each of these four color group has its own vital health benefits - on immunity, energy, brain-health and even skin tone.

But it is the combination - the synergy between them - that is the select of DailyColors ability to support health and even slow many processes that underlie ageing.

Common Sense Backed
by Extensive Science

Getting your 5-a-day, every day, is not so easy for most people. So just adding more of the phyto-nutrients that make the Mediterranean Diet so healthy is probably enough by itself.

But the 16 extracts in DailyColors were very carefully chosen - because the phyto-nutrients they contain have been shown in numerous clinical trials to help inhibit multiple biological processes involved in ageing.

In particular, they support healthier mitochondria, the tiny ‘energy factories’ in every cell. Without support, mitochondria become less efficient as the years go by, fatigue becomes more common – and we age.

Fruits and vegetables without color?

They don’t look very healthy, do they? Because they NOT so healthy without the nutrients that create their colors.

Nutrients like lycopene that makes tomatoes red, quercetin the yellow in onions, anthocyanins in blueberries, luteolin in kale.

That’s just 4 color nutrients. DailyColors contains over 150 color phytonutrients.

Combine it with your favorite vitamin supplement for a science backed plan for healthy ageing.

How DailyColors™ Fights the Effects of Aging.

DailyColors™ inhibits multiple pathways involved in aging.

  1. 1. As we get older, mitochondria, the tiny ‘energy factories’ in every cell, become less efficient at turning food into energy and they lose function.
    So you become tired more often and aging accelerates.
  3. Clinical tests show that DailyColors™. helps the body protect existing mitochondria and even supports the creation of new mitochondria.

  4. 2. Other clinical test show that DailyColors™ inhibits a broad array of enzymes that, unchecked, are linked to early aging and reduced longevity.

  5. 3. Yet other trials show that DailyColors™ helps reduce inflammation - known to be directly linked to later-life illnesses and aging.
4. The same trials showed that DailyColors™ powerfully supported the immune system
5. Finally, DailyColors™ significantly increased the healthy life span of an animal model called C. Elegans - frequently used in longevity research

The Mediterranean Diet Has More to Teach Us.

Inside the PhytoColors™ in the Mediterranean are nutrients that fight the enzymes of aging.

A New Source of Health. A New Kind of Supplement.

With DailyColors™ it's time to think beyond old ideas of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Synergy of Colors™

DailyColors™ discovered that the right blend of PhytoColors™ works synergistically for better results than working alone.

A Harvest of the Latest Science.

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